Longhorn Fixed Tuition

Longhorn Fixed Tuition is an optional tuition program available only to undergraduate students enrolling at UT Austin for the first time.

For four consecutive academic years students will pay a fixed tuition rate each semester. Fixed tuition rates are based on the projected average of flat rate tuition over the next four years. As with traditional flat rate tuition, the fixed tuition amount will vary depending on the school the student is enrolled in as well as the number of hours the student is enrolled.

Students who enroll in Longhorn Fixed Tuition and graduate in four years will be eligible for a total of $3,500 in rebates (inclusive of existing rebate programs). Rebates will be paid upon graduation.

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    How to Enroll in Longhorn Fixed Tuition

    To enroll in the Longhorn Fixed Tuition program, the student must go to the Enrollment page and sign the electronic agreement. If the student is under 18 years old or does not have an upgraded UT EID, the student may download the agreement, print, manually sign, and return it to Student Accounts Receivable.

    Students have until the 12th class day (4th class day of a summer session) of their first semester in attendance to enroll in Longhorn Fixed Tuition.

    Students who do not enroll in the Longhorn Fixed Tuition program will default to the traditional flat rate tuition.

    Rebate Eligibility Requirements

    • Resident and non-resident undergraduate students are eligible for the rebate if they are enrolled in the Longhorn Fixed Tuition program
    • Student must have attempted no more than three semester credit hours in excess of the minimum number of semester credit hours required to complete the degree under the catalog which they graduate
    • Students who want to receive the rebate must graduate within four calendar years for a four-year degree program or within five calendar years if the degree requires more than four years to complete
    • Students must complete at least 60 semester credit hours of coursework counted toward the degree in residence
    • Student must not have already received a bachelor's degree
    • A student is required to apply for a tuition rebate prior to graduation


    House Bill 29, passed by the 83rd Texas Legislature, requires public institutions of higher education to offer a fixed tuition price plan to incoming freshman and transfer students. The University of Texas at Austin has met the requirements of the law (Texas Education Code, Section 54.017) by establishing Longhorn Fixed Tuition, which has been offered to eligible undergraduate students since Fall 2014.