Dell Medical School Tuition

Tuition and fees for Dell Medical School are assessed annually, at a rate that remains the same across all four years of continuous undergraduate medical education.

Texas Residents

  • 2019 incoming class: $20,672
  • 2020 incoming class: $21,086


  • 2019 incoming class: $34,712
  • 2020 incoming class: $35,406

MBA Dual Degree

Medical students pursuing an MBA as a dual degree are subject to alternate tuition and fees rates in the third year of study. For academic year 2019-20:

  • Texas Residents: $73,872
  • Nonresidents: $84,082

Other Information

IRS Educational Tax Credits and Deductions

IRS tax benefits may be available for higher education expenses. The IRS Form 1098-T is issued to students with qualified tuition and fee expenses paid in the previous calendar year.

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Tuition Exemptions, Waivers, and Third-Party Billing

Information about various tuition exemptions, waivers, and third-party billing arrangements.

Loan Information

Information regarding different types of loans, where you can find your loan information, and important contact information.