Dell Medical School Tuition

The annual tuition and fees rate for the 2018 incoming class of Dell Medical students is $20,268 for Texas residents and $34,031 for nonresidents. The actual cost of providing a medical education averages about $90,000 per student per year.

Dell Medical School tuition and fees are in line with UT Southwestern and Baylor College of Medicine — two great Texas medical schools.

To help alleviate debt so that it’s not a determining issue for students, Dean Clay Johnston has set a scholarship target that will underwrite one-third of all tuition costs.

Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) Comparison* National Average National Median
AAMC Public - Resident $34,592 $36,427
AAMC Public - Nonresident $58,668 $36,427
AAMC Private - Resident $55,534 $57,472
AAMC Private - Nonresident $56,862 $57,472

*145 schools reporting; summary statistics for academic years 2012-2013 through 2016-2017; data as of Feb. 2017