How is tuition set?

In 2003 the Texas Legislature gave universities the authority to set their own tuition rates. Tuition costs for Texas residents are among the lowest of all 50 states. Nonresident tuition costs compare favorably with those of other institutions.

Because state funding has not been able to keep up with rising costs, The University of Texas at Austin formed a Tuition Policy Advisory Committee (TPAC) in 2003 to recommend to the president a tuition policy that addresses the critical academic and financial needs of the university.

In developing its recommendations, the committee conducts public hearings and seeks the involvement of families, students, faculty and many other constituencies. The president reviews the recommendations and forwards the proposal to The University of Texas System Board of Regents, which approves tuition and fee rates for the next years.

Tuition Announcements

TPAC Recommendations - Dec. 3, 2015

Read TPAC recommendations for 2016-17 and 2017-18.

President Fenves' letter to UT System - Dec. 7, 2015

Read President Fenves' tuition recommendations letter to UT System.

Student Services Budget Committee

The Student Services Budget Committee (SSBC), is mandated by Subchapter B, Section 54.514 of the Texas Education Code to “advise the administration of The University of Texas at Austin on the type, level and expenditure of compulsory fees for student services collected at the university.” The non-academic services funded by Student Service Fees are an important aspect in a student’s educational experience on campus.

The student voice in determining the tuition rate for non-academic services is a valued aspect of budget-setting process on the campus. For example, the Texas Education Code mandates that the committee be a student-majority committee, where five of nine voting members must be students.

2015-16 Voting Members

  • Rohit Mandalapu, Chair, Student Government Vice President
  • Xavier Rotnofsky, Student Government President
  • Shannon Geison, Student Government Appointee
  • Stephen Goin, Student Government Appointee
  • Virginia Luehrsen, Graduate Student Assembly President
  • Tom Dison, Senior Associate Vice President for Student Affairs and Director of Recreational Sports
  • Karrol Kitt, Faculty Representative, Associate Professor of Human Ecology
  • Soncia Reagins-Lilly, Senior Associate Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students
  • Don Aleman, CFO Representative, Financial Officer, Budget Office

Non-Voting Advisory Member

  • Donna Bellinghausen, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs